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Less is more

Vintage Noise feat. Sir Oliver Mally, Dodo Gruber, Gert Bodner2008

Coffee on the way feat. Gert Bodner(Mauchler/Komljenovic)

You gotta do it feat. Sir Oliver Mally(Mauchler/Komljenovic)

To the moon feat. Dodo Gruber(Mauchler/Komljenovic)


Nashville Five2009

High time to turn

The Dreckpack2009




In a moment of silence

Wolfgang Mauchler2006-2016

Next stop eternity

Wolfgang Mauchler2006-2016

Vocal – Songs – originals

Vocalsongs originals

Wolfgang Mauchler2006-2023

Mama(Mauchler, Voc.Chrissy Mauchler 5J.)

Vocal – Songs – Covers

Vocalsongs Cover-Versions

Voc.Wolfgang Mauchler2006-2023

Chase the clouds away(Chuck Mangione - Voc:Gery Kutscheg)

Instrumentals – Originals

Instrumentals Originals

Wolfgang Mauchler2006-2023

Instrumentals – Covers

Instrumentals Cover-Versions

Wolfgang Mauchler2006-2023