Am                                         G

In the year twelve ninety seven on September-day eleven

F                            G                         Am

Nearly hundred thousand men prepared to die

Am                                                            G

The scotsmen took their stances under cover of the night

F                     G                      Am

For an outnumbering army breathes strife


C                                       G                                  Am

They waited at the river Forth applied their warriors in the north


Bearing up for armoured knights to come

Am                                            G

A fourfold stronger army was getting under way

F                      G                  Am

In the dawn before the rising of the sun




Far from south the drums of war resounded to the walking corps

Of fourty-thousand warriors coming near

The archers and the cavallery came closer from the west

The chance of victory seems to disappear

On a hill at break of day there stood Wallace and Morrey
With their army poorly primed, starving and stunned
While ´cross the river they coud see the enemy in killing spree
Their armors sparkling in the rising sun                                                    INTRO

The english army on their way in front of all rode Earl Surrey
In knowledge theres no chance to loose the day
But what the forces could not know the land itself was there great foe
So in their downfall straight onwards they would go

The heavy horses all around sunk deep into the swampy ground
Poor pickings for the spearman swift an keen
The scottish army kneld them down in his own blood Surrey was drowned
While english throats were cut with deftness qick and clean                   INTRO

The scottish victory was at hand and Wallace gave his last command
Hugh Cressingham the cruel oppressor must be found
And so his corpse was brought to him and Wallace cut out from his skin
A bauldrick belt, a worthy end for a foulish hound

The bagpipes hum over the ridge to tell the land from „sterling bridge“
The field was soaked with fuming english blood
A victory unexpected but more than well reserved
Join in their battlecry: Albà gu brath





INTRO: C C F F Am  D/F#  G G+5



Once I packed my bags, and went up and away


In quest of freedom and a place to stay

Am                             D                      G      G+5

I saw the world, and I’m still on my way


I travelled to the north, to the south and to the west

F                                     Fm

And I went to the east, I cant’t say what’s the best

C                                G                      C

Sometime I’m gonna find a place to rest


I thought I’ll find a new home in the land of the free

But the dumbness of the people was disgusting me

Burgers, death penalty and fear of god

A folk misled by TV-preachers, and spied by intelligence

That’s no place to put up my white fence



F                  Fm

And sometimes I remember

C                          Am

A place of love and peace

D                                                   G    G+5

A  little spot where people are like me


And sometimes I am contemplating

F                           Fm

Where I’ll find my aim, I think

C               G                            C

Any time I come back home again




Then I went to the south, any place I have seen

But the contempt of mankind was disgusting me

People kill each other and no one cares

Bloody civil wars, crime and drug-combines

In the places where the sun always shines

Where people live in misery and despair




C               G                            F       C

Any time I come back home again




INTRO: G  C9  G  C9


G                                     D                            C9               G

A plastic world of artificial dreams synthetic people all around

G                                             D                                C9                  G

Electro-blooded mankind Well connected’s gone to hit the lower bound

D                                                       C9                      G

Flocks of sheep remote controlled, supervised and spied

D                          Em                     C

Individuality was shut down over night

D                                                    Em             C

Fed with information, wrong and voluntarily lied

G                                 D                               C9

Keep them dense and poor the strings are tight



The holy grail in the living room commands them how to look and what to wear

It tells them how to raise their kids And what they have to do for their care

And everyone believes  and takes advice of what it said

No one tries to get the bottom of the price he paid

They changed their brains to hard disks sold their souls to cyber-space

G            D                    G

Empty bodies with an empty face




C            D                  G

You can take my soul when I die

C                                       G                    D

Change it to the silly electronic way of life

C9                  G               Em               C

Cut your wires and connections, just to be a man

Am7                                               D7sus4               D7                    G

Delete your recent bugs and errors press reset and boot your life again


SOLO:  C9, G, D,D, C9, G, D,D, C9, G, D,D, C9,D, G,G


Your  whole life ‘s kept together by some paperclips and coloured plastic-cards

The system knows you well and soon, will digitize your brains and your hearts


And everybody posts his secrets to the infopool

And all are carrying trackers ‘cause the cretinism rules

Grownups play like children with their cell-phones on the street

Digitize the world and press delete.




Press reset and boot your life again


Press reset and boot your life again






Take a look out the window and see

Where’s the meadows, the hills and the trees?

Where’s the green of the rivers and where is the blue of the sea


Where’s the air we had in ealier days

Where’s the freedom we had in this place

Where’s the green endless fields for the horses and cattles to graze


G                                                                                D

Where’s the children groin’ up and playing with a smile in their face

A                              Em7                                   C

We will hand down to them what we made out of this place



We’re surrounded and captured by dungeons of concrete and steel


We are guarded by people appointed of our free will


We are numbers on papers dehuminised and aggrieved


We are prisoners in our own lockdown because we believed



G                                                           D

We have lighted the fuse and we watch how it burns

A                       Em7

And before it explodes


It is high time to turn


SOLO 1    D D D D   D D G G  Hm Hm A A G  G   D  D4  D  D4


In a world full of plenty and waste

Where the comfort is ruled out by haste

Consumer society rules and imposes its taste



And the statesmen steal from the nations and make their own rules


And we put up with it like a dumb bunch of fools




SOLO 2 (wie Solo 1)







G                                                              D

When the sun is going down he’s standing at the railing

Am7           C                                 G           D

On his ship of gold and enjoys the open sea

G                                           D

And his servants carrying dishes of diamonds

Am                                         C

And jewelled cups and pans and golden spoons and cans

D      Dsus4

For tea




G            D

And he counts his money

Am7         C    D

He knows there’s double tomorrow

G            D

And a fat lot he cares


About his debt of much sorrow

C               D                       G

And takes a drag of his hundred dollar blunt



When the sun is going down he stands at the window

In his muddy little flat and drowns in despair

The rooms are cold and the children are starving

rusty spoons and pots of steel empty plates and empty cups

he cannot fill



And he counts his money

He knows it’s gone tomorrow

And he knows the man

Who caused all his sorrow                        G         A7

And takes a drag of his hundred dollar blunt


SOLO   D D A A Em Em D D7


CHORUS   2     2X




INTRO: Introriff dann Strophe

C                             G                      Am                         F

When Johnny came from Folsom Prison Tried to catch the train

C                    G                 Am

That Willie took to go to new orleans

C                        G                         Am                      F

While John was on the country road To Rocky mountain high

C                     G                             C

And if Brenda dreams, we let her dream


F                                                     C

And the coward of the country dreams of Islands in the stream

F                                                           C   G

And Johnny from the green green grass of home

C                       E7                   Am                       F

And Kenny loves a gambler Willie always has someone

C                      G                     C

Singing just another country song




Chris is on the road to hell  And Tommy wants back down

Alan knows just where he’s coming from

Dolly’s blowing in the wind And got a ring of fire

Lee and Nancy have some summerwine


Dave’s just six days on the road And smells the diesel smoke

Down Route sixtysix with sixteen tons

These boots are made for walking,  Nancy thinks and she puts on

Singing just another country song


SOLO: F  C  F  C G  F  C  F  C G / Introriff


Johnny walks the line and Hank Is having Jambalay’

Then they’re going east bound and down

And Kris will lead the Convoy For the riders in the sky

And Kix and Ronny lost What they have found


Davie´s on the road again while Cash was everywhere

In Jacksontown he found a heart of gold

Dewey rides his nameless horse  500 miles straight on

Singing just another country song




John´s north from alaska  And the Bismark´s sinking down

The Desperado go to sea no more

Johnny hurts himself And Bobby stays forever young

Singing just another country song

C                      G                     Am      F

Singing just another country song

C                       G                    C

Singing just another country song




INTRO: (3/4 zählen) Am Am G Dm Am G C E7 Dm E7 Am F Dm E7 Am Am


Am                                G       Dm      Am      G         C       E7

In Greenland one thousand years ago the vikings settled down

Dm                  E7          Am       F                Dm         E7    Am

At a green place between the ice and snow in the land that Eric found


Eric the Red had a grownup son Leif Ericsson was his name

He listened to all the sailors tales and someday a trader came



C                            G                              Dm                 E7        Am       C7

Bjarni Herjulfsson told his yarn from a storm and he got off course

F              G              C              F              C                         E7

He sheered away to an unknown land with densely wooded shores



C            G                    Dm        Am            C              G             F

Skål and cheers to the Vikings fame who found the unknown land

    C                   G         Dm                Am            F                    G           C

Remember the story remember the name and give back the glory to them



When Leif heard the story he pricked up his ears and made the decision to sail

He hired thirtyfive men without fear to follow him through the hell


Then Leif bought Bjarni Herjulfssons boat and then they went off to the sea

Anchors aweigh! And clap on all sails Odin, hail to thee!



The ship was pushed by an icy wind across the stormy sea

Up and down and round it spinned until the storm appeased





C7                            F                        Fm          B                  Eb    G

Finally land, but no forests in sight rocky, forbidding and cold

Fm                G           Cm         Ab         Fm                               G

They sailed to the north in order to find the land about Bjarni has told


They sailed to the north and after a while an island appeared in the sea

The vikings dicovered a second isle but once more no trace of a tree.


They started to doubt Bjarni Herjulfsons tale decided to sail home again

When suddenly on the horizon they saw a heavily forested land



They went ashore and they set up a camp the first on american ground

And after one year back to greenland they sailed and told from the world that they’ve found










You can’t turn back the time even though you do wish every day

What’s done can’t be undone but you think where’s a will there is a way


Some doors are open and some doors are forever closed

Opportunities you missed are forever lost.




Like a surfer you ride on the waves of the time


Like a river flows down to the sea


Many harbours you landed, and many you passed


And some day you will reach destiny




If you live too slow you might be overtaken by past

But you might come to a cropper when you’re living too fast


You can’t change the direction the way’s going down straight ahead

You’re just like in a free fall when the rip cord breaks down you are dead














G                                          H7/9                                              G      G7

Money’s gonna run out the fridge is empty and the rent’s to pay

C                                                                                                               G       E7

Children need some clothing, school things, and some little things to play

Am7                                     D

Waiting for the social benefit,

Hm                                                 E7

Working is no thing for guys like me

Am7                                                                                D    Dsus4    D

I’ll take the little money and go to make a million out of it.


Finally the postman brings the money I did wait so long

All my buddies told me what I do is crazy but they’re wrong

I know the day will come when I arise

When I make the big winnings the’re surprised

And I will laugh at them

The winner and  one of the coolest guys



G                       D           Am7

The worlds greatest loser is what they use to say

C                                          D

But nobody can win without to play

C                     H7                      Em                Am

No risk no fun no reaping without seed I use to say

G                      D                C9

They think I gamble all my life away




Once I was a singer my friends advised me to do therapy

We started some recordings so they wrote some budding songs for me

But my compulsive gambling stopped the race

Made me lie to them and loose my face

So they turned away from me I gambled all my nearest friends away